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Foundation Services

Traditional Fixed Price Overhauls or Time and Material support

Foundation Services are provided directly by our network of AMCs which compete freely for this work. These types of service are short-term, event-based services that we can provide for our customers’ engines without the need for a long-term services contract. The main ingredients of Foundation Services are Fixed-Price Overhauls and Time and Material shop visits, as described below. Customers may also procure other Service Options, such as technical manuals, training or dedicated spare engine leasing, even if our customers do not need an engine overhaul. All Foundation Services are paid for when they are delivered and hence there is no need for any $/efh payment structure. 

Fixed-Price Overhaul
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This service enables customers to know what the cost will be, before they send an engine into the shop for an overhaul. The price quoted is valid for specific engine serial numbers and workscopes only and will be based on the current condition of the engine (this is usually based on performance records rather than a physical inspection of the engine). This is a major difference from our SelectCare service, which is valid for any of the customer’s engines in their fleet (of the same engine type) irrespective of their condition throughout the duration of the contract. Hence SelectCare can provide cost stability over many years but Fixed-Price Overhauls only provide cost protection over a few months. The other principal difference between SelectCare and Fixed-Price Overhauls is that under SelectCare the overhaul workscope is provided by Rolls-Royce but under Fixed-Price Overhauls the workscope is developed by the overhaul shop. This model further fosters competition between the highly capable shops in the growing AMC network.

Time and Materials
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If a customer wants an overhaul for which they pay for the parts and labour their engine needs, then a Time and Material overhaul may be the right choice. Customers can specify the workscope required to meet their individual requirements. As with Fixed-Price Overhauls, the workscope is set by the overhaul shop, not Rolls-Royce. It should be noted that there are likely to be other costs associated with a Time and Material overhaul, for example handling fees, transportation or outside repairs.