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Advance will offer at least 20 per cent better fuel burn and CO2 emissions than the first generation of Trent engine and will be ready for service from the end of this decade.

Advance includes a new core architecture to deliver maximum efficiency and lower emissions. This core takes advantage of the extra degree of freedom in a three-shaft architecture by redistributing the workload between intermediate-pressure (IP) and high-pressure (HP) shafts, resulting in higher efficiency with fewer parts and lower weight. It also benefits from a new lightweight low-pressure (LP) system that, among other system technologies such as advanced lightweight alloys, will feature our new carbon titanium fan system, which comprises the fan blades and the fan casing. While delivering improved propulsive efficiency, the system delivers a weight saving of around 750lb per engine, or, put another way, around seven or eight passengers travelling "free".

Further progressive technologies to be incorporated into the Advance design include: high-efficiency compressors and turbines; smart adaptive and cooling systems; an advanced combustor; superior sealing solutions; and innovative materials.