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The Trent XWB combines innovative proven Trent design with world-class after-sales services delivering the best power solution for the latest aircraft family from Airbus. The engine:

  • includes the latest technology for minimised operating costs
  • has single engine type operational benefits
  • will have the lowest carbon emissions of any widebody engine.

It joins the Trent family of engines - having already won 67% of new generation wide bodied aircraft competitions.

Powering the A350-800 and -900 in the 250-300 seat market, the Trent XWB continues the partnership of Rolls-Royce and Airbus, building on the market leading position of the Trent 700 on the Airbus A330.

The Trent XWB will also power the larger A350-1000 in the 350 seat market and the A350-900 freighter, providing a single engine type across the aircraft family.

The Trent XWB is setting new standards in world-class reliability and durability through:

  • low risk engine design
  • combined experience from the engine development programmes of the Trent 900, Trent 1000 and the Trent XWB.