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Matt Burns

An aircraft delivery is our starting pistol because, from then on, we support that aircraft and the customer 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a full technical and service delivery package. We feel very, very close to the customer and their operations.

Engine Health Monitoring helps us maintain that connection with the customer’s operation. The data can highlight any ‘real time’ problems with our engines and help us suggest options to keep operational disruption to a minimum. We can reactively send parts and engines around the world, and give engineering support on the ground when needed. At the same time, we think about innovation and how we can use the engine data to prevent problems before they happen.

Every engine we develop is a step forward from the previous one. The Trent XWB will give us more data, more often, than any other previous engine. The aircraft itself has its own computer server that stores a wealth of information that can be transferred by wi-fi every time it lands.

In the past, we would have physically retrieved the information from the aircraft when we could.

Having worked within services for over 10 years, I know that every day presents a different challenge. I have a personal stake in making sure my team is ready for the challenge of the A350 XWB, as it will play a fundamental part in the short and long term future of our organisation. I’m confident we are prepared, as we have run a detailed readiness programme over the past two years that covers all of the different elements we need to help us support the engines.

Any new engine and aircraft will face the scrutiny of the world’s media and I want to make sure that we make it a success for us and for Airbus.

My team works 24 hours a day, which means I often receive calls, which can sometimes be stressful. Cycling helps me to relax. Taking some time for myself to enjoy the countryside and reflect on the day’s challenges really helps me to unwind.