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Mario Pineda

ITP is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of low pressure turbines (LPT). Our history has been linked to Rolls-Royce since the foundation of the company back in 1989. Throughout the past 25 years, we have evolved from simple manufacturing to the full integration of LPT, including design, validation, manufacturing and assembly.

I joined ITP in 1997 at our headquarters in Zamudio, Basque country, Spain. My first role was to design some of the Trent 500 LPT components. Today, my responsibility is making sure we have a fully integrated plan across the different disciplines that meet our customer requirements and deliver our internal targets.

The ITP team started working on the Trent XWB engine back in 2008, in the design’s early stages. No doubt it was a challenge, but we defined the roadmap that has taken the Trent XWB turbine from paper to reality. We knew our responsibility was to produce the best possible turbine with a level of maturity incomparable with anything we had done before.

I still remember the A350’s first flight, it was watched live by ITP’s employees across the company’s facilities on big TV screens. We were so happy to see all of the work we had done becoming a reality - a great turbine, in a great engine, in a great aircraft.

One of the things I like best is working with people around the world who, despite their differences, pull together to reach a specific goal. I must confess sometimes it becomes rather stressful, and after long days I like to run and swim to clear my mind. In holiday time, scuba diving and snowboarding are my hobbies.

Being excellent in what we do is our motivation, and we want to prove we can continue to do this through the Trent XWB -97.