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Katy Greatbatch

My job as a New Product Introduction Team Leader is to make sure that each engine is built in the same way every time. It’s important that every process we follow is easily repeatable to meet strict quality standards but also that we can build our engines at a rate that works with Airbus’s overall build programme.

Within assembly in Derby, we make four of the modules ourselves before bringing in another four, including the gearbox and fan case. We create the core of the engine by putting them together in a vertical stack before turning it horizontally and finally attaching the fan on the front. After some fine tuning, each engine goes through a number of tests before being delivered to Airbus in Toulouse, France.

My degree is in aerospace engineering and in particular, nickel and titanium based super alloys. I’d like to learn more about the ‘hot end’ of the engine or work in an area like turbines.

I love anything that is difficult and find the challenge motivating. Once something becomes the norm I no longer find it so interesting. Working in pre-production has been difficult and it’s taken time to get it right. When I first came into this programme we were building one engine a month but now one comes out of the factory every day. There’s still more to do before we can say that we’ve reached full production, but we’ve already proven that it can be done and want to deliver on time to our customers as promised.

Outside of work, I’m busy looking after my young family, and downhill biking which is in complete contrast to what I do at work, but just as enjoyable.