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Ian Taylor

The Trent XWB is the fastest-selling engine in Rolls-Royce history, and as a business we knew we would have to do something different to previous programmes. Pre-production was a first for our industry, and was set up to help the transition from development into full production.

I joined the team in 2011, just as the first modules were being built on the flight certification programme. Sitting between development and production, we looked at everything from build processes, training, tooling and logistics. We continued developing the engine, but also planned for full production, ironing out anything that could impact or disrupt a mature production process.

When the flight certification programme finished we built the first production engines for Qatar, as well as transferring the engine to the permanent production facility. I have enjoyed working in pre-production due to the diversity of the role, as well as learning from people with a wide range of experience and skills, across various departments.

Delivering the flight certification engine programme, the engines for the first ever A350 aircraft, as well as those for launch customer Qatar Airways is a highlight of a memorable experience.

Outside of work, I have a real passion for football, playing in a team in my local Sunday league. I’m a lifelong Manchester United fan and have always enjoyed various sports as a way of relaxing and socialising. A mutual love of the game has helped me to build friendships and given me a lot of pleasure.