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Hemanth Kumar Puttaswamy

I work for QuEST Global Engineering in their manufacturing plant in Bangalore, India. Working for Installations and Controls, I am part of the dedicated design centre for Rolls-Royce, helping to reduce product development costs, shorten lead times and maximize engineering resources.

For the past two of my five years with the company, I have specialised in the design and fabrication of a unique mount bracket that holds the external pipes and hardware to the outside of the engine. Using the latest titanium metal alloys, we have reduced the cost and the overall weight of the bracket by half, helping to deliver on our promise to the customer.

Everyone here is very proud to work with Rolls-Royce because of the variety of work and the technology they use. The expertise and support we receive is amazing, which means we can create the very best designs and iron out any problems early in the process.

I’m very proud of what I do and of the opportunity to work on the world’s most efficient aero engine. Having worked in Derby for a short time as part of my role, I’ve been able to bring back much of what I’ve learned to share with the team here in India. That includes an unexpected love of cycling, something that my friends in the UK introduced me to during my time there, and I can often be seen cycling in and around Bangalore in my spare time.