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Dimitri Mega

One word to describe my role is ‘integration’. I work alongside Airbus in Toulouse to build strong relationships between our customers, Airbus and Rolls-Royce colleagues in the UK. I’m involved in most activities to make sure that everyone understands the issue and works together to reach the best solution. The main objective is to reproduce and even improve the good performance we’ve seen during our engine tests - but to do so when the engine is mounted under the aircraft wing.

Every day is different. I’m focused on what the customer wants, so I don’t have a plan to follow. I’m led by the people who come to me with their questions and have to be able to react quickly without letting any issues slip through.

When I see an A350 XWB fly I’m very proud and feel rewarded for the hours of long discussion. And yet, for me, it isn’t about the aircraft taking off, it’s about the smile on the face of our customers and Airbus; their positive comments mean the most to me.

After we enter service with our first customer, we will still be very busy. I want to be sure every customer has the same great experience.

The Trent XWB has been a big part of my personal story since 2007, and I would like to keep a close relationship with the customer. Only then can I properly indulge in my other passion of running.