Products & Services

Brian Swindles

In my ten years here I’ve always worked on introducing new products, so I was thrilled to join the Trent XWB programme in Derby in December 2007.

It’s my job as Chief of Sub Systems for Externals to make sure all of the pipes, brackets and harnesses for the engine are delivered on time and to quality. I’m always checking the quality of the product and design, working closely with our in-house teams and supply chain to make sure that any new technology or changes are included on the engine before we enter service.

For the first time, our customers are taking a real interest in how the engine looks as well as how it performs, so we’re also focusing on the detail, and proving we can meet their expectations with a mature ‘out of the box’ engine that is fully certified.

I’m proud the Trent XWB has the largest order book we’ve ever had and I love being part of an effective team. We have a real sense of pride, knowing we’ve worked hard to deliver a completed engine on time. As a keen climber, I know about taking calculated risks and how important it is to trust others to do the right thing, which is why I help my team to perform at their best every day.

Looking to the future, I’d like to share what I’ve learned about new programmes with others and use my position to put us in a great place to manage change going forward.