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Rolls-Royce provides world leading capabilities in mechanical and software systems integration.  With a variety of out of the box and custom software solutions we specialize in streamlining production processes to enable cost saving opportunities for our customers.  Our extensive experience within the nuclear  industry coupled with project management expertise allow us to provide solutions that not only incorporate the product process of our customers but interface with and manage multiple vendors for the production of a final solution.

Our process includes:  

  • Project Management
  • Tooling Design
  • Fabrication & assembly
  • Procurement
  • Testing
  • Qualification
  • Training

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Poly bay - Case study

The challenge

A US shipbuilder was concerned with the amount of time it took to manually measure and install several thousand irregularly shaped pieced of material during a specific portion of the shipbuilding process.  The standard method for completion of this portion of the work consisted of a two man team measuring and cutting the material by hand while attempting to stay within a +-1/16 inch tolerance. When coupled with the final instillation of the material the total time incurred  by the two man team was over 240 hours, significantly bloating the costs of the shipbuilding process. 

Rolls-Royce was approached  to provide a solution to the shipbuilder which included  a pre fabrication "bunking" system which would store prepatory material until ready for use.  The system then needed to deliver the material to a CNC machine capable of cutting the material within a +-1/16 inch tolerance.  The material would then have to be  marked and subsequently collated and palletized to maximize the efficiency of final installation.  Additionally, the entire process must be compiled within 1 hour.                  

The Rolls-Royce solution                                                                                     

Rolls-Royce  delivered a complete system solution to the customer with three months.  Upon final delivery, the system not only met the customers tolerance acceptance of +-1/16 inches for the final production of the material but in fact exceeded their expectations with a final production tolerance of +- 2mm. The system included a CMM (ROMER Arm) with a percision Scanning Head to measure each individual area and a CNC Machine with a multi-unit bunking system to hold eight different types of material to be selected when required.  Additionally  a bar code marking system was implemented  to mark each cut piece with a unique identifier, and a crane was utilized  to offload and collate  the cut material for final installation. In total  seven (7) different software packages were integrated  in the entire production process, each requiring custom upgrades to efficiently work together. All processes were designed to meet the customers QA requirements.   

Overall benefits                                                                                                             

  • To date not a single rejectable has been recorded by the shipbuilder  
  • Once the program was implemented production rates exceeded the rate at which materials could be procured

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