Industry leading supply chain services to proactively identify and resolve material challenges Supply chain services

Proactive Integrated Equipment Reliability & Strategic Sourcing (PIERSS)

Through an unparalleled knowledge of nuclear power plant supply chain and maintenance operations and obsolescence status, Rolls-Royce provides supply chain consulting services which assist utilities in areas such as accuracy of bill of materials, available spare parts and excess material to be disposed of.

The Rolls-Royce Proactive Integrated Equipment Reliability and Strategic Sourcing or PIERSS program provides optimised analysis of site and industry practices to proactively identify and resolve material challenges. The PIERSS Program provides power utilities with a better knowledge of:

  • Equipment reliability
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Supply chain knowledge.

Inventory analysis

Rolls-Royce Inventory analysis identifies utility excess material using operational and Industry leveraged information, while maximizing Utility return on investment.

Capabilities of Rolls-Royce Inventory Analysis

  • Identify excess inventory through Rolls-Royce’s proven algorithm
  • Improve identification of excess/stranded inventory
  • Historical usage
  • Projected usage (with Industry issue/return)
  • Install base
  • Industry reconstructed Bills of Material
  • Identification of vendor discontinued parts.
  • Leverage business intelligence from 157 nuclear units worldwide
  • Forecast industry demand to identify best investment recovery options
  • Ability to purchase store and sell excess inventory.

Preventive Maintenance Demand

Rolls-Royce Preventive Maintenance Demand proactively identifies and resolves challenges to preventative maintenance performance with a 104 week lookahead. Engineering evaluation resolves challenges and ensures material availability.

Benefits of Rolls-Royce PM Demand

  • Identification of challenges to PM performance
  • Prioritisation of challenge PMs by T-week schedule
  • Mitigation of PM Deferrals.

Strategic sourcing

The Rolls-Royce Strategic sourcing initiative is a partnership between Rolls-Royce and participating companies to reduce material costs through industry-wide processes including bulk purchasing, excess inventory, shared material, Commercial Grade Dedication CGD and alternate suppliers.

Rolls-Royce analyses site and industry demands and proactively identifies opportunities for cost savings. Strategic Sourcing is a comprehensive process from identification of opportunities through delivery of material.

Benefits of Rolls-Royce strategic sourcing

  • Cost savings through reduced material costs and Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD)
  • Reduced engineering costs
  • Reduced carrying costs
  • Utilises Industry information
  • Improved supplier base

Capabilities of Rolls-Royce strategic sourcing

  • Industry bulk purchases
  • Excess material purchases
  • Material sharing
  • Alternate suppliers
  • Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD)

Critical spares

The Rolls-Royce Critical Spares process analyses all installed critical components to address INPO Performance Objectives and Criteria (PO&Cs). It proactively identifies critical spare parts to ensure part availability and to eliminate critical spare gaps.

Utilises industry, fleet and site information to achieve results quickly Rolls-Royce Critical Spares has access to a wide range of information to quickly identify potential critical spare parts associated with critical components and system. This unique collection of information enables Rolls-Royce to intelligently evaluate each part of a component. 

Improved Critical Spare identification efficiency Rolls-Royce uses the Critical Spares software application to quickly and efficiently identify gaps and vulnerabilities which provide a focused scope for further evaluations.

Prioritisation through Critical Spares software application Critical Spare software application provides prioritisation of stocking critical spare parts by analysing the system impact. It organizes spare parts using criticality ranking criteria. Critical Spares software application is an easy accessible, one-stop-shop tool.

Work Planning Optimisation

Rolls-Royce Work Planning Optimisation proactively identifies required parts to perform maintenance tasks while minimising impact on inventory.

Rolls-Royce Work Planning Optimisation reviews open work orders, with a focus on identification of unplanned work. It analyses the parts portion of the work planning process by determining potentially contingent or unnecessary parts and indicates cost saving opportunities. At the same time, Work Planning Optimisation ensures that potential material gaps are identified.

Benefits of Rolls-Royce Work Planning Optimisation

  • Utilises Industry data
  • Identifies potential unnecessary parts and costs saving opportunities
  • Identifies potential contingent parts
  • Identifies material gaps
  • Confirms required material and determines part requirements
  • Decreases workload for planning
  • Ensures material availability.

Rolls-Royce Preventive Maintenance (PM) Optimisation

PM Optimisation identifies potential gaps in PM programs to increase equipment reliability and lower overall facility maintenance costs by comparing site PMs to industry best practices.

Rolls-Royce PM Optimisation compares site PM programs against industry and vendor documentation, and analyses equipment failures to identify potential gaps and improvement opportunities. The maintenance philosophy across the industry for the same piece of equipment is analysed in order to optimise the use of resources and reflect industry best practices.

Benefits of Rolls-Royce PM Optimisation

  • Increased cost effectiveness of maintenance program
  • Increased equipment reliability
  • Utilises industry information.