A recognised leader in comprehensive obsolescence solutions Obsolescence services

Rolls-Royce is a recognised leader in providing comprehensive obsolescence solutions to the nuclear industry, providing customers with cost-effective solutions to emergent and long-term obsolescence challenges.

Our core strengths include:

  • Equivalency engineering expertise
  • Obsolescence management program development
  • The Proactive Obsolescence Management System (POMS)
  • OEM/supplier relationship

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Proactive Obsolescence Management System

The Proactive Obsolescence Management System (POMS) is a software and services based tool designed to provide quick and easy retrieval of equipment and vendor obsolescence information. Additionally, POMS also matches each station’s obsolete manufacturer/model numbers to identify if possible replacement solutions are available from a number of sources such as the OEM recommended replacements and CMIS Lite Equivalency Evaluation Application. Overall, POMS is designed to be a one-stop-shop for station obsolescence identification and management.

Key benefits:

  • Early notice of Obsolescence issues
  • Improved decision-making capability
  • A more complete analysis of equipment Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Detailed tree of equipment manufacturers
  • Opportunity for industry collaboration

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Preventive Maintenance Forecasting

Many utilities in the nuclear power industry today are faced with challenges associated with planning and executing of scheduled preventive maintenance activities. Rolls-Royce has developed a proven process that aligns all maintenance plans and scheduled work orders with available inventory deferrals.

This approach identifies when materials required to complete preventive maintenance activities will be depleted. Additional usage analysis and future material needs are also considered. Our forward-looking analysis uses obsolescence information from the Proactive Obsolescence Management System (POMS), along with current stocking level data and PM frequency to determine potential issues.

Benefits of Rolls-Royce preventive maintenance forecasting:

  • Extrapolate parts demand for periods up to 20 years
  • Aids in prioritising obsolescence issues
  • Aides in maintaining an effective and proactive Equipment Reliability program
  • Identifies immediate stocking needs as well as long term stocking needs
  • Assists in the establishment of minimum/maximum quantities
  • Provides data to aid in Long Range Planning for replacing the large ticket items
  • Extrapolates maintenance plan and work order data based on scheduled demand and quantity on hand
  • Calculates when a maintenance plan or work order will deplete the current stocking levels

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Obsolescence Manager

Obsolescence prioritisation is a key step in effectively managing and resolving plant obsolescence issues. Rolls-Royce has developed a software module within the POMS suite of tools to prioritise POMS identified obsolete equipment based on station vulnerability.

Obsolescence Value Ranking

Obsolescence Manager is a customisable, industry leading tool for obsolescence prioritisation. The key aspect of prioritising obsolescence is deriving objective criteria that can be applied to all installed equipment to determine highest vulnerabilities and establish an action plan for work down. The customisable Obsolescence Value Ranking (OVR) allows each member site to build a custom set of criteria that will generate an OVR score for each obsolete piece of equipment.

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