Custom designs and equipment to address the unique and challenging needs of our customers Waste handling equipment

Safe and reliable transfer solutions

We specialise in nuclear waste handling. This includes the design and construction of modular platform systems to transfer high-level radioactive waste in large custom shielded flasks. These systems require high-accuracy alignment and strength to support extremely heavy flasks, 16m (50ft) in length.

This solution comprises rugged modular segments that can be located and easily assembled in a temporary staging area. Flask interface carriages are positioned onto transfer frame rails and the flasks lowered on to the system. Rolls-Royce component transfer systems are adjustable in all axis to ensure a perfect fit between the flasks for the safe transfer of radioactive contents.

The fully assembled system accommodates flask combinations weighing up to 72,000kg (160,000lb).

Safe, effective movement of radioactive by-products

Rolls-Royce has vast experience in the design and manufacture of shielded flask and transportation trolleys for the safe and frequent movement of flasks containing radioactive by-products. Often these flasks need to be manoeuvred within confined spaces where limited handling equipment is available.

The Rolls-Royce shielded flask and transportation trolley is compact and highly manoeuvrable with a low centre of gravity. It can handle up to 6,350kg (14,000lb) of load.

Designed to be pulled or pushed by a standard commercial tow-vehicle, the trolley can traverse a variety of floor conditions at all loads. Its compact design ensures it can manoeuvre safely in very confined locations and travel through tight-cornered hallways. Side rails allow the installation of personnel shielding to minimise radiation exposure to the operator.

High-integrity clamps to ensure safety during movement

Spent nuclear fuel loaded into containers underwater can be stored above ground once the top of the container is capped with a lid. These dry storage containers can be moved to an area where they can be dried, and their lids permanently sealed by welding. Before this a temporary lid clamp is fitted to ensure spent fuel is safely retained during all handling and transport activities.

Specialised lid clamps designed and manufactured by Rolls-Royce weigh 2000kg (4500lb). They feature an activation mechanism that swivels a series of dogs inward from each side of the clamp to engage the top flange of a dry storage container.

Stringent requirements for structural integrity are met by ensuring very large welds at all adjoining sections. Extensive custom fixturing and carefully sequenced welding ensures the tight tolerances required across the clamp are unaffected by warping.

We supply two versions of this lid clamp, one suitable for use in the fuel bay and the other for outdoor transport of the containers.

Safely lift and manoeuvre nuclear waste

We design and manufacture a range of nuclear waste handling equipment to lift and manoeuvre a variety of lead-shielded nuclear containment vessels.

Experienced mechanical and electrical design teams from Rolls-Royce developed a compact cart able to operate within strict space limitations. The self-contained powered vehicles include independent drive wheels that enable it to turn about its own centre. Cart operation is intentionally manual to avoid introducing the safety challenges associated with automatic equipment.

We also design and manufacture of worktable tool delivery systems. They operate at the nuclear face during refurbishment of CANDU reactor cores, during which most component handling and placement activities requires highly accurate placement and support tooling.

Our capabilities also include complete mechanical and electrical system assembly, software development, production drawings, fabrication, commissioning and the provision of operator training and maintenance manuals.

High-integrity waste handling, transport and storage

The operation of nuclear reactors produces a range of waste products, which need to be safely and carefully managed throughout the reactor lifecycle. With an in-depth knowledge of a range of Nuclear reactor technologies, and a long history of supporting reactors during operation and decommissioning, Rolls-Royce has amassed a broad range of technical capabilities in waste handling, transport and storage.

We have the engineering capability and manufacturing facilities to develop a bespoke designed solution. Whether it be engineered for an emergent problem during operation or a customised waste handling system integrated into the Balance of Nuclear island.

For the balance of nuclear island, Rolls-Royce has specific experience in the design, safety justification, manufacture and installation of the following waste handling systems;

  • Solid / liquid separation systems
  • Failed fuel location systems
  • Fuel Bundle Insertion/ extraction tooling
  • Pyrochemical electric furnaces

Rolls-Royce also offers a range of Special purpose machinery and tooling based on a proven spectrum of technology, customised to provide efficient, reliable, safe and economic solutions to a range of nuclear applications.