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New build

Rolls-Royce has a long history in supplying specialised components, systems and services to the civil nuclear industry.  For more than 40 years we have designed, engineered, manufactured and supplied custom equipment for both new build projects and operations reactors around the world. 

Rolls-Royce is proud of its rich heritage and world leading capability in engineering and manufacturing. We produce high quality, cost efficient solutions to meet the exacting needs of our customers.

With world class nuclear manufacturing facilities and experienced engineering resources in France, the UK, the US and Canada, Rolls-Royce is well placed to deliver globally. Rolls-Royce facilities are designed to operate in the most efficient manner. For example our state of the art Canadian facility is accredited to a range of ASME-N QA standards and can manufacture components and systems to meet the strictest nuclear requirements.

Rolls-Royce is renowned for being a world leader in high value manufacturing and the business invests £millions every year to maintain our position at the forefront of manufacturing techniques and processes.  Striving for continuous advancement in capability Rolls-Royce plays a leading role in a number of advanced manufacturing research centres, worldwide.

Rolls-Royce can build to print, design for manufacture and act as a procurement specialist for a comprehensive range of nuclear components and systems. Our engineering team and manufacturing facilities are on hand to meet your requirements whether you need specific nuclear components or a fully integrated process system, Rolls-Royce offers a range of solutions across the NSSS and BNI. In the nuclear new build market, we provide customers with high quality engineering, component manufacture and supply chain support.

We can build to print, design for manufacture, or act as an experienced supply chain integrator to utilise our nuclear-certified supply chain. Our mechanical design, manufacturing capabilities and accredited manufacturing facilities can deliver a wide range of primary and secondary circuit equipment – from accumulator tanks to pressure vessels and heat exchangers.

A fundamental element for new build programmes is delivering effective supply chain solutions. Globally, we invest around five billion pounds in our supply chain, and our well-established position in the nuclear sector has helped to maintain a network of more than 300 certified suppliers.

Continually developing our supply chain enables new skills which further strengthens supply chain integration capabilities for future projects that can last for 40 years or more - ensuring sustainable quality and cost benefit for our customers.

The Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, established in 2009 through collaboration between academia and industry, is rapidly introducing new manufacturing technologies and systems. Many of these are already being used in our Primary Components Operations facility at Raynesway, Derby in the UK.