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Ex-core neutron detectors

Neutron detector Rolls-Royce is a world leader in Neutron instrumentation, from sensors to electronic conditioning and processing.

For 40 years now, we have been designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining ex-core neutron detectors that provide measurement of the reactor neutron flux for the Neutron Instrumentation System (NIS) to continuously monitor instantaneous nuclear power, power fluctuations, and radial/axial power distribution in the reactor.
We provide three different types of neutrn detectors:

  • Boron-lined proportional counter for the low level range (CPNB type)
  • Compensated boron-lined ionisations chamber for the intermediate level range (CC type)
  • Non-compensated boron-lined ionisations chamber for the power level range (CNC or CBL type)

Our designs amalgamate different detector types, such as proportional counters, ionisation chambers and fission chambers. All comply with international standards (IEC 780, IEEE 323, IEEE 344). 
We have the experience and expertise is to design custom neutron detectors to meet customer specific reactor designs.

  • Enhanced performance through the detectors extended lifetime
  • Extensive feedback experience due to our installed base in more than 120 nuclear reactors

Pressuriser Heater Controller

I&C Pressuriser heater controllerIn a nuclear reactor, pressure is maintained in the primary circuit by heating water with resistors or by spraying water inside the pressuriser which is connected to the primary circuit.

The Rolls-Royce Pressuriser Heater Controller includes the variable heating unit that adapts its heating power when pressure in the pressuriser differs from the pressure set-point. The variable heating unit is powered by two identical regulation cabinets (heating selectors) on each unit. The heating selectors increase and decrease the applied power if the pressure drops or rises. They are activated by the powering-up time control for the resistors or heaters.

  • The resistors are combined in two units of four deltas, each having three 24 kW 380 V three-phase heaters.
  • Input: 4-20 mA current loop.
  • Each cabinet houses is composed of:
  • Electronic monitoring and control frame
    o   Power circuit
    o   Protection circuit
    o   Ancillary equipment

Bibloc displacement transmitters

I&C Bibloc displacement transmittersThe Rolls-Royce Bibloc nuclear displacement transmitters provide the precise and reliable measurement of valve positions inside the containment area of a nuclear power plant

Rolls-Royce Bibloc displacement transmitters, are designed specifically for nuclear power application, and are composed of two distinct parts, sensor and converter. They deliver an electrical signal varying from 4 to 20 mA proportional to the measured displacement.

Rolls-Royce nuclear displacement transmitters are available in K1 qualified nuclear safety class (seismic and LOCA resistant) and are manufactured in accordance with quality class Q1.

  • Safe and reliable operation, with the electronic section located outside of the radioactive containment area.
  • The innovative Bibloc structure allows high quality data to be transmitted, by removing the impact on the converter of any environmental conditions influencing the transmitter.
  • Simple two part design improves ease of operation and easier maintenance, for example; the modular design of the electronic section is a replaceable plug-in.

Bibloc pressure transmitters

I&C Bibloc pressure transmittersRolls-Royce Bibloc nuclear pressure transmitters are designed for measuring differential, relative or absolute pressures inside the containment of nuclear power plants under normal or accidental conditions.
The transmitters, designed specifically for nuclear power plants, are composed of two parts, sensor and converter. The sensors are different, according to the measurement range, but the electrical converter is common to each type of sensor.
Rolls-Royce Bibloc nuclear pressure transmitters deliver an electrical signal varying from 4 to 20 mA proportional to the measured pressure.

Rolls-Royce Nuclear pressure transmitters are available in K1 nuclear safety class (seismic and LOCA resistant) and K2 nuclear safety class (seismic-resistant and «normal life» irradiation).

  • Safe operation thanks to the Bibloc structure, allowing the electronic section to be placed outside of the active containment area.
  • Higher reliability as the Bibloc structure removes the impact on the converter of any environmental conditions surrounding the transmitter.
  • Modular design results in easier maintenance

Temperature probes

I&C Spinline™ temperature probes The temperature probes, based on RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) technology, developed and manufactured by Rolls-Royce, allow the measurement of the temperature of fluids under pressure in PWR (Pressurized Water Reactor) nuclear power plants. These probes are installed on safety class 1E circuits.
Rolls-Royce manufactures a complete range of temperature probes, composed of standard response time probes, half high speed probes and ambient probes. All these probes use the PT100 RTD technology.

Main Features:

  • Measurement precision
  • K1 Qualification
  • Materials reliability
  • Experience and references on 24 French nuclear units(20 units1300MW + 4 units1450MW)

The Rolls-Royce temperature probes satisfy the following qualification tests:

  • HM/63 – 7195 : General requirement for the qualification of safety class 1E materials in PWR nuclear power plants
  • HM/63 – 7283 : Specific qualification tests requirement for temperature probes, category K1
    Temperature probes manufactured by Rolls-Royce are class B according to the IEC 60751 standard
  • These are in agreement with the RCC-E