A wide range of services to support nuclear utilities Engineering services

Life-cycle management

The speed of technology development can lead to short-term obsolescence of electronic components. This in turn can result in reduced life-cycles for finished products and can also affect maintenance.
To address this challenge, Rolls-Royce offers a life-cycle management that consists of:

  • monitoring the condition of units and systems
  • manufacturing processes and tools
  • supply chain and component obsolescence
  • conducting plant safety evaluation

Risk and value analysis can also be incorporated to indicate the optimum solution for the customer.


Repair capability depends not just on the availability of replacement parts but also on the retention of resources, such as machine tools and the skills necessary to support the full life-cycle of individual customers’ equipment.

Rolls-Royce can ensure these skills and capabilities are retained long-term, while also undertaking the management of stock and all necessary resources to guarantee the supply of material within agreed timescales.
Rolls-Royce offers three levels of hardware maintenance:

  • preventive maintenance
  • corrective maintenance
  • upgrade with requalification of the hardware piece each time.

Spare parts

Nuclear power plant operators depend on the supply and provision of spare parts to ensure long term safe, reliable and profitable operation.

Parts supply in the short and medium term is potentially threatened by component obsolescence but Rolls-Royce can help you address this challenge by delivering a package of services that will ensure the delivery of replacement parts for up to 25 years.
The package consists of a pre-determined list of spare parts defined with the customer, together with an obsolescence management package that anticipates and closely monitors the components market to come up with alternative solutions.

Customers are able to adjust their requirements based on identified parts, price, availability and lead time.
The package guarantees the availability of replacement parts for the customer, reducing the purchase order process.

Technical assistance

Rolls-Royce is able to provide in-factory technical support, helping customers with functional aspects of Rolls-Royce equipment, or direct assistance on the customer’s own site, providing advice, expertise and diagnosis in a timely manner in the event of unexpected issues.
Rolls-Royce technical assistance services aim to identify and plan for the required skills and training necessary to ensure the ongoing availability of qualified engineers to meet customer demands throughout the entire lifespan of the I&C systems.

Diagnostic expertise

As Rolls-Royce builds and maintains a detailed knowledge of each installed I&C system, we analyse and use the data to effectively and proactively manage the system, measure performance, diagnose in-service issues and predict and monitor component life.
This level of working knowledge allows Rolls‑Royce to continuously improve products and systems and offers its customers the most reliable, predictable and consistent products and solutions available.

On-site maintenance

As a world-leading provider of nuclear instrumentation and control, Rolls-Royce maintains a strong network of skilled service technicians – including dedicated teams in France and China – who are fully trained and equipped to support customers on site in maintaining I&C systems at each stage of their life-cycle.
These technicians are capable of supporting on a wide range of maintenance operations, including preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance.


Rolls-Royce has developed a comprehensive range of training courses covering all products and systems.

Introductory, update and refresher courses are provided for customer’s employees covering the operational, maintenance or engineering aspects of Rolls-Royce I&C systems.
The training courses include both theoretical and practical courses, which are customised and site specific:

  • the theoretical sessions include technical training programmes designed to provide utilities with a comprehensive understanding of Rolls-Royce equipment.
  • practical sessions take place in a dedicated customer training centre that incorporates several dedicated training platforms covering technologies and systems installed by Rolls-Royce since the 1970s on the French fleet, such as:
    o   reactor protection system
    o   neutron instrumentation system
    o   rod control system
    o   ex-core neutron detectors