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Rolls-Royce believes that supplier diversity helps to develop better relationships and understanding with employees, customers, suppliers and investors alike. It also helps Rolls-Royce to be a better corporate citizen and provide increased value to our customers and shareholders.

Please be sure to study our entire web site to better understand the goods and services we provide our customers, the commodities we buy, and what we expect from our suppliers.

Utilise the small business contacts provided on this site.  They are one of your points of entry into the organisation.  Be aware that the small business contact will be your advocate and is considered one of several stakeholders. Therefore, they alone do not make sourcing decisions.

Becoming a supplier to Rolls-Royce understandably involves a careful review of capabilities and process and thus takes time.  Please be patient as we determine if your company fits our business needs.  Rolls-Royce is committed to upholding strong business ethics.  Gifts and gratuities are not accepted forms of entry into our business and could violate our corporate ethics policy.

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