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A significant and growing industry player in North America, Rolls-Royce employs over 7,000 people at more than 66 US locations in 26 states and seven sites in six Canadian provinces. Annual sales for 2007 were $14.8 billion, of which 55 percent came from services revenues. The firm and announced order book is $91.8 billion, of which aftermarket services represent 30 per cent, providing visibility of future levels of activity.

Each year, Rolls-Royce businesses and operations in North America generate over $3 billion in sales and the company’s total US investment is nearly $1 billion. The region is home to the global headquarters for several Rolls-Royce businesses including Energy, Corporate & Regional Aircraft, Helicopter Engines and Defense North America. More Rolls-Royce engines are built in the US than anywhere else in the world.

In Civil Aerospace, engines manufactured by Rolls-Royce and its partners in North America include the AE 3007, the Williams-Rolls FJ44 and the (IAE) International Aero Engines AG V2500. Rolls-Royce is the world’s leading manufacturer of business jet engines, with a 34 per cent market share. Rolls-Royce engines power more than 3,000 corporate aircraft worldwide.

Rolls-Royce turboprops for civil aircraft are also built in North America, including the AE1200 and Model 250. In addition, the company manufactures the Model 250 turboshaft which powers 3,800 civil turbine helicopters in the region, four times that of the nearest competitor.

In Defense Aerospace, Rolls-Royce is the world leader in military transport aircraft. The company provides the engine for the new C-27J, C-130J and V-22 Osprey and powers more than 2,800 fixed and rotary-wing aircraft currently in service with all branches of the US Armed Forces. These include such mission-critical aircraft as: the Global Hawk in service with the US Air Force; the AV-8B Harrier and V-22 Osprey with the US Marine Corps; the T-45 Goshawk and P-3 Orion with the US Navy; the OH-58 Kiowa and Kiowa Warrior and MH-6 Little Bird helicopters with the US Army; and C-130 Hercules transports with all branches.

Rolls-Royce is a key team member of the F-35 Lightning II- the world’s largest ever fighter program. The company is providing the short take-off, vertical landing (STOVL) technology with the LiftFan™ system. Rolls-Royce is also partnered with General Electric for the development of the F136, an interchangeable engine for the F-35 Lightning II.

In the Energy sector, Rolls-Royce provides highly efficient aeroderivative gas turbine driven compression, oil pumping and power generation packages for on and off-shore applications worldwide. To meet society’s increasing energy needs, Rolls-Royce is investing in next-generation products and capabilities for the oil & gas and power generation industries.

For Marine, Rolls-Royce delivers innovative, reliable and environmentally sensitive marine solutions to both the commercial and naval markets. From gas turbines and diesel engines to electrical generators and shiplifts, Rolls-Royce is the market leader for marine applications, providing a range of gas turbines and diesels that cover all power needs from 3 to 50 megawatts. More than 400 US Government vessels (Navy, USCG, SOCOM) in service have Rolls-Royce marine equipment.

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