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Rolls-Royce technologies are continually evolving to make ships safer and simpler to operate, as well as more profitable, says Mikael Mäkinen, President – Marine.

News round up

The latest developments form the world of Rolls-Royce.


Global and responsive

The new President Commercial Marine, John Knudsen, is committed to providing a global service that is responsive to individual needs.


Bridge to the future

The first vessel featuring the ergonomic Unified Bridge from Rolls-Royce has now entered service.

Flexible propulsion

The Finnish Border Guard’s new flagship features an innovative propulsion system from Rolls-Royce.

Positioning a giant

The world’s first floating liquefied natural gas production facility is now under construction and will be fitted with three Rolls-Royce electrically powered thrusters.

Safer decks

Older vessels can now benefit from Safer Deck Operations equipment, previously only available for newbuilds.


Big Boss

The Finnish Navy has turned to a combination of Marine Alutech and Rolls-Royce waterjet propulsion for its high-speed vessels.


Safe and stable

After 40 years of successful operations, the UT design continues to evolve to provide security and efficiency.

Smarter shipping

One of the keys to lowering costs for operators is the ability to effectively harness the mass of operating data into a central system.

Open for business

A new era of Royal Navy training begins with the Replenishment-at-Sea facility, designed and built by Rolls-Royce.

Another world first

Rolls-Royce brand MTU’s high-speed gas engines are set to power a harbour tug for the first time.


Bridging the Gulf

With three service centres spanning the Gulf of Mexico, Rolls-Royce is in position to support customers in the region.

Total thruster support

The extent of customer support has grown along with the range of thrusters supplied by Rolls-Royce.

Refloating history

Rolls-Royce has been instrumental in a comprehensive programme to restore the historic Shemara to its former glory.

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