Rolls-Royce designs and equips world's most powerful offshore vessel

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The most powerful offshore vessel ever built – the Far Samson, which has been designed and equipped by Rolls-Royce, entered service with Farstad Shipping of Norway, following a naming ceremony in Edinburgh.

Rolls-Royce developed the special UT 761 CD design, working closely with the ship owner. Far Samson has demonstrated a continuous bollard pull of 423 tonnes using all available power and more than 377 tonnes using the main propulsion system.

Rolls-Royce President – Offshore, Anders Almestad said: “This vessel is truly a world class combination of high technology and new capabilities, pushing new boundaries in the offshore market.”

Far Samson was built by STX Europe Langsten, Norway and incorporates a wide range of new technology. The vessel is multifunctional and capable of carrying out heavy ploughing operations for pipes and cables on the seabed, as well as subsea installation work in ultra deep water, towing, remote underwater (ROV) and other challenging subsea operations. It can cut trenches in the seabed in water up to 1,000m deep.

The vessel is 121.5m long with a 26m beam, gross tonnage of 15,260 with a hull strengthened to Ice Class 1B, and is capable of more than 19 knots at top speed. A Rolls-Royce propulsion system combining diesel electric and diesel mechanical transmission provides optimal operating flexibility, fuel economy and minimum exhaust emissions.

Far Samson is powered by Rolls-Royce diesel engines, which meet clean design class rules and catalytic converters are also fitted to the generator sets, giving a 95 per cent nitrogen oxide (NOx) reduction.

  1. Rolls-Royce, a world-leading provider of power systems and services for use on land, at sea and in the air, has established strong positions in its four global markets - civil aerospace, defence aerospace, marine and energy.
  2. The Marine business of Rolls-Royce employs 8,000 people in 34 countries with the main manufacturing centres being in the UK, the Nordic countries, the United States and increasingly Asia.
  3. Rolls-Royce is a world leader in marine solutions, providing products, service and expertise to more than 30,000 vessels in the offshore, merchant, naval surface and submarine markets. It designs ships and its product range includes propulsion systems featuring diesel engines and gas turbines, propellers, thrusters and water jets. Rolls-Royce also provides manoeuvring and stabilising systems and deck machinery. Around 30 per cent of Marine turnover is derived from service support activity, with a global network of sales and service offices in 34 countries. Rolls- Royce equipment is in service with more than 70 navies.
  4. The Rolls-Royce Group has a broad customer base including more than 600 airlines, 4,000 corporate and utility aircraft and helicopter operators, 160 armed forces, more than 2,000 main customers, including 70 navies, and energy customers in nearly 120 countries. With facilities in 50 countries, Rolls-Royce employs 39,000 people worldwide and has businesses headquartered in the UK, US, Canada, Germany, Scandinavia, Singapore and China. This global presence allows the Group to access long-term international growth opportunities.
  5. Rolls-Royce continues to invest in core technologies, products, people and capabilities with the objective of broadening and strengthening the product portfolio, improving efficiency and enhancing the environmental performance of its products.
  6. In 2008, Rolls-Royce invested over £800 million on research and development, two thirds of which had the objective of further improving the environmental aspects of its products. The primary technology investment area is aimed at reducing noise and emissions.

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