Rolls-Royce sets up new unit to address civil nuclear market

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Rolls-Royce today announced that it is establishing a new business unit to address the global market for civil nuclear power. The company estimates that this worldwide market could be worth £50 billion a year in 15 years time.

Rolls-Royce currently has the largest nuclear skills base of any UK company, with around 2,000 specialist nuclear-focused employees in the UK, France and the US. It also has the UK’s most substantial nuclear supply chain, comprising around 260 proven suppliers.

The company’s strength in nuclear power originates from its involvement in the development and support of the nuclear steam raising plant for the Royal Navy’s nuclear submarine programme. In addition it established Data Systems & Solutions (DS&S) in 1999. DS&S provides safety critical instrumentation and control for civil nuclear reactors in Europe, including France’s 58 reactors, the US and other markets such as China.

Rolls-Royce has now established a single focus for its global civil nuclear activity. The work that Rolls-Royce currently undertakes for the Royal Navy’s submarine programme will be unaffected by the changes.

Sir John Rose, Chief Executive, said: “Rolls-Royce has been involved in the UK’s nuclear industry for over 50 years. Our experience is directly applicable to all phases of new build programmes that are planned in the UK and globally, and also to the upgrade of existing plants. Our capability is unique in the UK and matched by only a handful of companies worldwide.

“The expansion of the civil nuclear market represents an exciting opportunity which builds on our extensive nuclear capabilities.”

The new unit will provide a service that can support a number of the phases of a civil nuclear programme, including providing advice to governments and operators, technical engineering support and safety assessments, manufacturing, procurement and through life support.

The company estimates that by 2023 the global civil nuclear market, currently worth around £30 billion a year, will be worth approximately £50 billion a year, with £13 billion in support to existing nuclear plant, £20 billion in new build and £17 billion in support for new reactors.

  1. Rolls-Royce, a world-leading provider of power systems and services for use on land, at sea and in the air, has established a strong position in global markets - civil aerospace, defence aerospace, marine and energy.
  2. Rolls-Royce continues to invest in core technologies, products, people and capabilities with the objective of broadening and strengthening the product and service portfolio, improving efficiency and enhancing the environmental performance of its products. These investments create high barriers to entry.
  3. Key facts about Rolls-Royce’s nuclear business are listed below, under ‘ROLLS-ROYCE NUCLEAR FACTS’.

Rolls-Royce Nuclear facts

In the UK, Rolls-Royce:

  1. has been part of the UK’s nuclear industry for over 50 years;
  2. has around 1800 employees, based largely in Derby and Dounreay. Their focus is on design, safety justification, nuclear manufacture and in-service support of the Royal Navy nuclear reactor plants;.
  3. has delivered and maintains all five reactor designs for the Royal Navy, with the sixth at concept design stage;
  4. is the sole technical authority for the UK’s naval reactors;
  5. has managed and operated the Royal Navy’s land based nuclear reactor (Vulcan Shore Test Facility) at Dounreay in Scotland for over 40 years;
  6. led the design, safety case, supply and installation of the world’s most advanced Primary Circuit Decontamination plant at Devonport dockyard, for the Royal Navy;
  7. operates two nuclear licensed sites, giving real understanding of the regulatory and commercial pressures necessary to keep specialist services and plants operating safely, reliably and reducing downtime
  8. manufactures, tests and supports military and civil pressure vessels, including the pressuriser for Sizewell B, the UK’s most recent nuclear plant;
  9. is the only UK company to design and manufacture an entire nuclear reactor plant since Sizewell B was completed;
  10. has the UK’s only live supply chain for nuclear reactor plant;
  11. has the UK’s strongest nuclear skills base due to our ongoing work on the Royal Navy’s nuclear programme;

Globally, Rolls-Royce:

  1. established a nuclear presence in mainland Europe and the US through establishing Data Solutions & Systems (DS&S) in 1999. DS&S’s 300 nuclear employees are located mainly in the UK, France and the US and have particular expertise in high integrity computer systems, predictive services and information management;
  2. has been part of mainland Europe’s nuclear industry for 30 years;
  3. provides safety critical instrumentation and control to all France’s 58 nuclear reactors, including a current major upgrade programme;
  4. has a long term agreement with the French Operator EDF to support its 58 plants;
  5. DS&S is currently providing digital reactor protection upgrades for the Dukovany plants in the Czech Republic, and nuclear instrumentation systems to the Ling Dong and Qinshan plants in China as well as other projects;
  6. provides safety and mission critical digital instrumentation and control systems, which also increase the efficiency, reliability and life of nuclear power plants, to 97 nuclear plants worldwide, mainly in France, the US, the Czech Republic, China and the UK;
  7. provides mission critical control room monitoring systems to almost half of the US’s 104 nuclear reactors;
  8. has four facilities, two in Derby, UK (reactor core, control rod drive and valve manufacture in one and heavy pressure vessel manufacture in the other), one in Meylan, near Grenoble, France (safety systems) and one in Huntsville, Alabama, US (monitoring systems)

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