Rolls-Royce reaches 100 B-Gas Engine orders

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Orders for Bergen B-gas engines, the world’s most powerful and efficient medium speed gas engine, have reached 100, following a Spanish power development company contract, Rolls-Royce announced today.

Two Bergen B35:40V16 engines, numbers 99 and100 on the production line, have been ordered by Cogen SA/Tortosa Energia for a co-generation power project it is constructing near Tarragona. Each engine provides 6.8MW of electrical power in addition to 4.6MW of thermal power.

Customers in Spain and Italy have ordered over half the total of B-gas engines since it was introduced in 2003, with a quarter being sold into Asia.

Breakthrough orders from countries such as Belgium, Pakistan, Russia and, more recently, the USA, offer the promised of more growth in addition to the company’s established markets in Europe and Scandinavia.

Combined, the100 B-gas engines sold have a total electrical output in excess of 600 MW produced by fifty-two 12 cylinder, twenty-five 16 cylinder and twenty-three 20 cylinder versions.

Across the world interest is increasing in forms of more efficient and stable power generation, such as co-generation, which has minimal environmental effects. The environmental advantages of this system mean that, exploiting heat energy regained from the cooling system and the exhaust gases, B-gas engines achieve a total efficiency of 93 per cent, with the design configuration and minimal unburned contents in exhaust gases contributing to very low emissions.

The B-gas engine range also offers customers cost effective, reliable and energy efficient power for a wide variety of industries. In Europe, they power generating sets used in industries such as horticulture, glass manufacture, paper production, food preparation, ceramics as well as with electrical utilities.

In Asia the end products vary from cement production in Pakistan and Bangladesh to textile mills and the power industry in India.

The range of Rolls-Royce gas engines is proving ideal for companies that need electricity and heat in their production cycle and where the nature of their production processes cannot risk the fluctuations and interruptions of an energy supply that relies on a national grid.

The new contract is further success for the Spanish subsidiary of Cogen SA, Cogen Energia España following sales of the Bergen K-gas in 1997 and 2006 and, more recently, another pair of 16 cylinder B-gas engines to DYC a Spanish whisky distillery.

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