Rolls-Royce gas engine sales success to new markets in Russia, Belgium and Pakistan

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Rolls-Royce said today that Bergen gas engine sales have achieved a record level, with the order book standing at more than £50 million. The latest engine in the product range, the B35:40, has achieved the majority of the sales, with over 30 engines currently on order.

With over 100 gas engines installed in Italy, more than 130 in Spain, 80 in Denmark and a growing fleet in Holland, Rolls-Royce is the leading provider of power for efficient, clean and cost-effective co-generation plants across Europe.

Across Europe and Asia interest is increasing in forms of more efficient and stable power generation with minimal environmental effects. The use of co-generation with Rolls-Royce gas engines also allows producers to return a significant amount of energy to the market through the national grid in low-demand phases of their production cycles.

Major new sales to Russia, Belgium and Pakistan have added to the company’s existing customer base in Italy, Spain, Holland, Denmark, Norway, India and Bangladesh.

All variants of the B-gas engine, which have been built in Norway for 5 years, have been selected by a wide variety of operators. Twelve cylinder engines are on order for power generation applications in industries including textiles and ceramics in Spain, chemicals in Bangladesh, greenhouses in Holland and textiles in India.

Sixteen and 20 cylinder models producing up 8.5MW are to provide efficient electrical energy in Holland, Spain, Italy, Russia, Belgium, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The K-gas model has also been successful with sales of over 25 engines. Again all variants have been sold from the 12 cylinder at 2.4MW to the 18 cylinder producing 3.6MW.

The range of Rolls-Royce gas engines is proving ideal for companies that need electricity and heat in their production cycle and where the nature of their production processes cannot risk the fluctuations and interruptions of an energy supply that relies on a national grid.

The environmental advantages of co-generation mean that, exploiting heat energy regained from the cooling system and the exhaust gases, B-gas and K-gas engines achieve a total efficiency of 93 per cent, with the design configuration and minimal unburned contents in exhaust gases contributing to very low emissions.

In addition to supplying the basic gas engine Rolls-Royce has created the concept of Integrated Power Solutions (IPS). This is a pre-fabricated and modular power plant that combines the benefits of a high efficiency, environmentally friendly, cost effective and approved design.
This Rolls-Royce initiative provides an invaluable degree of modularity, enabling engines to be configured for either single-cycle or CHP operation. Adding modular equipment that is pre-tested for compatibility and reliability can extend power plants.

These pre-engineered additions ensure rapid delivery times, giving operators the extra capability needed, promptly and economically. The concept is available for both power generation and pumping operation and for EPC developers Rolls-Royce can provide power plant layout designs to suit their requirements.

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