First Rolls-Royce Trent 60 ordered for South America

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Power generation utility Hidroeléctrica La Higuera S.A. has ordered a Trent 60 Wet Low Emissions (WLE) Dual Fuel power generation package, capable of providing up to 58MW of electrical power at ISO conditions, for its new power plant at Colmito, Chile. It is the first Trent 60 gas turbine to be ordered for service in South America.

Colmito, at Concon, near Valparaiso, Region V of Chile, will provide a secure power back-up to the La Higuera hydro power plant during droughts, or periods of low flow in the river.

Hidroeléctrica La Higuera S.A. is a 50:50 joint venture formed by Pacific Hydro Limited (through its 100% subsidiary, PHC), and Statkraft Norfund Power Invest AS, to build, own and operate the La Higuera plant, a 155 MW run-of-the-river hydro power plant located in the Tinguiririca Valley east of the city of San Fernando in Region VI of Chile.

Graham Corbishley, CEO of Hidroeléctrica La Higuera S.A, said: “With potential adverse ambient conditions in the future, the power plant may also be needed to supply power to the national grid. Therefore, efficiency was an important factor in choosing the Trent 60 gas turbine.”

Commenting on the contract Charlie Athanasia, Vice President Power Generation of the Rolls-Royce energy business said, ‘This is not only the first time we’ve sold power equipment into Chile, it is also the first installation where we are supplementing a hydro plant. We are delighted that Hidroeléctrica La Higuera has chosen the Trent 60 for this important project.’

The Trent 60 is expected to run on liquid fuel in the first two years until natural gas arrives in the region.

In addition to the Chile contract, Trent 60 power units for electrical generation and mechanical drive applications have already been ordered by customers in Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Qatar, Sharjah, England and the USA.

  1. The industrial Trent 60 is the most powerful and efficient engine in the Rolls-Royce industrial gas turbines product range.
  2. Delivering up to 58MW of electric power in simple cycle service at 42 per cent efficiency, the engine has established a new benchmark for fuel economy and cost savings.
  3. In Latin America’s energy sector, particularly oil and gas, Rolls-Royce is a major supplier to Petrobras of Brazil having over forty engines ordered for use on offshore installations providing both electrical and mechanical power.
  4. Colombia’s Avianca has chosen Rolls-Royce Trent engines for up to 30 widebody jets from Airbus and Boeing. The potential value of the contract to Rolls-Royce is $1.1 billion at catalogue prices. In addition, all the engines will be supported by Rolls-Royce under 10-year TotalCare® service agreements.
  5. With over 160 million hours of operating experience, over 4,000 Rolls-Royce industrial gas turbine packages have been ordered by customers in nearly 80 countries.

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