Systems solutions

A vessel designed by Rolls-Royce is far more than just a hull design. It is a turnkey vessel with all major systems fully integrated – comprising well-proven products optimised to the individual ship and its specific operation.

[Image] Systems for offshore vessels

Equipment supply for offshore vessels includes:

  • Design and ship systems
  • Cranes
  • Launch & recovery systems
  • Propulsion systems
  • Manoeuvring systems
  • Thruster systems
  • Power electric systems
  • Deck machinery
  • Safer deck operation systems
  • Automation & control systems 

As offshore oil and gas field activities take place in increasingly deep water, with the emphasis on subsea work, the challenges grow. The vessels and applications become more complex and need specialised systems to perform more demanding tasks in harsh weather conditions.

Rolls- Royce has the insight and technology to provide you with cutting- edge system solutions and equipment for propulsion, dynamic position and automated deck operations, that will make a difference to your offshore operation.

Safer deck operation systems have been continuously developed in close cooperation with owners and operators, and are optimised for extreme working conditions to meet strict regulations.

Today, our winches and launch and recovery systems set the standard in the offshore sector. Deep-water anchor-handling requires powerful winches and our low-pressure high-torque driven winches are legendary worldwide for their operational properties and longevity.

Rolls-Royce also designs deck machinery with heave compensated solutions with fibre rope for ultra-deep water operations. Reliable and accurate manoeuvring is essential for the performance of precision offshore tasks. Rolls-Royce is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of propulsion and thruster systems, providing optimal thrust and efficiency for dynamic positioning, manoeuvring and propulsion.

It is our continuing goal to maximise the value, efficiency and safety of our customers’ operations through development of technically advanced products, integrated into complete systems and supported by a comprehensive global service network.

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