Setting the standard for future ship design

A well-designed ship is a result of collaboration, experience, innovation and state-of-the-art equipment. Founded on core values of reliability, integrity and innovation, Rolls-Royce designs ships as well as major systems on board. This unique concept of integration assures you performance second to none.

Rolls-Royce offers a range of ship designs comprising offshore service vessels, coastguard vessels, fishing vessels and a wide range of merchant vessels. The Rolls-Royce design type UT for offshore operations, launched in the mid 1970s, has become the world-leading design range for offshore service vessels.

[Image UT 790 WP] A large anchor-handler tug supply vessel, constructed for bollard pulls above 250 tonnes.

Today's expanding markets in the subsea sector has resulted in vessel designs for rougher seas and equipment for deeper operations. Furthermore, the Rolls-Royce design type NVC has been acclaimed in the fishing and merchant shipping sectors, maximising continuous profitability for owners and operators.

Merchant vessels operating today in Emission Control Areas have to meet new standards for reducing environmental impact whilst increasing efficiency. Our new design concept for merchant vessels is a transformational development for merchant shipping, offering significant reductions in fuel consumption and emissions, as well as enhanced performance at sea.

Our products strike a harmonious balance between performance and ownership costs – all backed by a truly international customer support network assuring lifetime support and low life-cycle costs.

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