Platform supply vessels

Design & ship technology for platform supply vessels

The UT 700-series is recognised as a worldwide benchmark within the offshore industry. So far, more than 650 UT-vessels have been built or are under construction around the world.

 [Image] UT 776 WP - a large platform supply vessel which undertakes supply duties between land bases and offshore installations.

The UT range of platform supply vessels provides excellent motion characteristics and optimised operational costs versus cargo capacity.

These also enhance supply capacity on a modest draught. The design is furthermore construction-friendly. Rolls-Royce offers a broad range of PSVs, from small vessels with the most up-to-date features to larger complex vessels.

A typical operation for a platform supply vessel is the transport of pipes, cement, liquid and cargo to and from mainland and offshore installations. These vessels can also double up as rescue and stand-by vessels etc.

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