Anchor-handling/tug/supply vessels

Design & ship technology for anchor-handling/tug/supply vessels

Our first designs for AHTS-vessels were based on the acclaimed UT 704 model. This design formed a standard for offshore support vessels when first launched in 1974.

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Our designs have been under constant development since then, and today more than 200 AHTS of Rolls-Royce design type UT have been built for operations worldwide.

The design for AHTS-vessels range from small and compact vessels to large and powerful ships. They can be fitted with the world’s largest winches from Rolls- Royce, providing tremendous pull capacity.

In-house production of winches and control systems means complete integration between a vessel's design and equipment for our customers, resulting in highly functional and advanced solutions.

Even if the AHTS-vessels are customised for anchor-handling and towing, they can also undertake, for example, ROV services, safety/rescue services and supply duties between mainland and offshore installations..

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