Cruise & passenger vessels

Design & ship technology for passenger vessels & mega yachts

Rolls-Royce has played a leading role in the development of new concepts for specialised cargo and passenger vessels in operation all over the world. Rolls-Royce designs a wide range of vessel types optimised for purpose and with fully integrated Rolls-Royce system solutions.

[Image] NVC 253 LNG is optimised for efficient Ro-Ro cargo handling and designed for excellent comfort for passengers and crew.

The NVC-range of designs, well-known throughout the world, includes cruise ferries, Ro-Pax vessels, special purpose vessels and mega yachts.

Our vessels are designed with the highest focus on survivability, redundancy and low emissions to air and sea in combination with low noise and vibration levels and excellent sea-keeping capabilities.

A passenger vessel or yacht designed by Rolls-Royce fulfils the highest requirements and expectations to comfort, reliability and safety.

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