Merchant vessels

Rolls-Royce offers a wide range of designs for merchant vessels including Tankers, General Cargo Vessels, Ro-Ro Vessels, Ro-Pax/Passenger Vessels and Special Purpose Vessels.

Founded on core values of reliability, integrity and innovation, Rolls-Royce designs ships as well as major systems on board. This unique concept of integration assures you performance second to none.

[Image] NVC 605 CT is a tanker for transporting chemical and petroleum products.Tankers

Rolls-Royce offers a wide range of tankers, from small efficient bunker barges and stainless-steel chemical tankers to large sophisticated vessels for bow loading.

[Image] NVC 405 - a general cargo/RoRo/container vessel,General cargo vessels

Rolls-Royce cargo vessels are designed with cargo handling systems and arrangements to ensure efficient and safe loading/unloading of cargo.

[Image] NVC 615 GT is developed for transport and distribution of LNG.LNG/LPG carriers

As well as gas expertise, Rolls-Royce also offers award-winning environmentally friendly vessel designs.

[Image] NVC 253 LNG is optimised for efficient Ro-Ro cargo handling and designed for excellent comfort for passengers and crew.Cruise & passenger vessels

Rolls-Royce designs a wide range of vessel types optimised for purpose and with fully integrated Rolls-Royce system solutions.

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