Fishing & research vessels

Design & ship technology for fishing & research vessels

The Rolls-Royce range of fishing vessels is developed to provide optimal fuel consumption, fish handling and working conditions at sea. Safe working conditions are guaranteed on an optimal freeboard, and modern fish-handling solutions are included in the designs.

[Image] UT 392 is a multipurpose oceanographic research vessel equipped for deep-water operations worldwide.

These designs also ensure top comfort for the crew on board, with special attention paid to minimising noise and vibration levels, important when crew can spend weeks to months at sea.

Rolls-Royce designs, types NVC and UT for fishing and research vessels, are based on particularly stable hulls, which are often ice-strengthened.

This makes the vessel easy to operate under the toughest conditions, resulting in productive working days. Our designs for stern trawlers range from small and compact wet fish trawlers to large and powerful factory freezer trawlers.

The vessels can be arranged with hydraulic or electric deck machinery, depending on customer requirements. The Rolls- Royce range of pelagic vessels consists of all sizes of RSW cooled bulk carrying vessels in addition to large factory processing freezer trawlers.

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