Ship design and systems

To provide the best in ship and systems design our investment in research and development continues. The focus is energy efficient designs that are optimised for individual requirements and operating conditions. It is the detailed design of the hull hydrodynamics and the effective integration of the propulsion system that is the key to improved efficiency, with reduced operating costs and emissions.

Design & ship technology overviewOverview

We provide a wide range of innovative and robust ship designs with integrated system solutions for the offshore, merchant , coastguard and naval sectors.

Systems solutionsSystems solutions

Efficient gas and/or diesel powered propulsion systems are designed, developed and integrated for offshore vessels, smaller merchant vessels as well as fishing and other specialised vessels.

[Image] UT 790 WP - a large anchor-handler tug supply vessel, constructed for bollard pulls above 250 tonnes.Offshore vessels

A wide range of rugged and efficient designs are available for the offshore sector from the well known UT-Design family, that was originally launched in the mid 1970s.

[Image] NVC 405 - a general cargo/RoRo/container vessel,Merchant vessels

Our range of innovative and efficient merchant designs continues to grow. It now includes LNG carriers, product tankers, cargo carriers and ropax vessels.

[Image] NVC 372 WP stern trawlerFishing & research vessels

Our focus is safe and efficient designs with low noise and vibration levels - factors that make our NVC-Designs adaptable to suit a broad range of fishing requirements.

[Image UT 512 CD] Specialised vesselsCoastguard, OPV & EEZ vessels

Based on our proven UT-Designs these vessels are suitable for a variety of tasks, such as patrolling, fisheries protection, emergency stand-by, pollution control, fire-fighting, salvage and towing.

As a designer and systems integrator our objective is to bring the best products together as an efficient system and design the optimum ship around them. Our designs are engineered to be built anywhere in the world, which shortens construction times and reduces technical risk.

We apply operational feedback from over 800 Rolls-Royce designed vessels now operating globally to the design process, which is built on over 30 years experience. Our focus is ensuring the vessels operational profile precisely matches that specified by the customer.

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