Benefit from our experience in DP upgrades and minimise costs compared to new build [image] Dynamic Positioning upgrade

Rolls-Royce has developed a number of dynamic positioning upgrade solutions to fit your vessel’s requirements. Benefit from our experience in DP upgrades and minimise costs compared to new build. We have the capability to deliver from preliminary study to commissioning.

Dynamic positioning is the capability a vessel has to automatically maintain its position or heading by using its propellers, rudders and thrusters. This is a major contributor to safe and accurate operations.

Virtually any vessel with thrust equipment can be upgraded to a DP specification range from POSCON Joystick to ICON DP2. Effective pre-engineering by Rolls-Royce and planning of the installation will ensure minimum down time.

The Rolls-Royce positioning product family includes:

  • Poscon Independent Joystick
  • Icon DP1
  • Icon DP2

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  • Improved positioning capability – select from Rolls-Royce range of positioning products to give you the level of positioning you need.
  • Greater earning potential – New operating requirements demand better systems, having the latest DP system installed broadens the range of operations the vessel can undertake.
  • Enhanced safety – Simplicity and proximity are unique design principles. And the goal is to simplify DP operations and increase both operator performance and overall operational safety.
  • Cost effective – A DP upgrade can transform vessel capabilities and will ensure it meets the latest regulations for a modest investment. A much more cost effective alternative to new build.
  • Easy interface - Our intuitive graphical user interfaces allow first time users to navigate with ease. Try this out at your nearest Rolls-Royce training centre .

Unique operation and station flexibility

Bridge integration is possible thanks to the compact design of the main components. Dynamic positioning systems use space effective operational devices and touch screen displays. The space saving system design provides flexibility in arranging the DP system into new or existing consoles.

All positioning systems use common controls architecture and are of modular design, providing a uniform, well-presented environment on the bridge for improved safety.

Our common architecture and design philosophy provides proven standard modules as building blocks to configure a customised solution to meet the specific operational requirements of each vessel.

The graphical user interface (GUI) displays the DP scene in 3D with the relevant information on vessel position/movement and thruster status/operation. Information on power bus, sensors, reference systems and other relevant information can be actuated via the touch screen interface.

ESNAAD, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company and owner of two UT 780 vessels had a requirement to add DP1 systems to improve the vessels flexibility and enhance their ability to undertake a wider variety of work.

This resulted in an international tendering process that most suppliers including Rolls-Royce participated in. At Rolls-Royce a project team was formed, the bid submitted and the contract eventually secured.

Rolls-Royce focused on delivering a turnkey DP solution where the customer was assured of reduced risk as the vessels had charter commitments with Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company.

Rolls-Royce managed the installation and supervised all contractors for cabling, steel work and paneling. The system was made fully ready for commissioning by our product centre specialists.

A window of 21 days was available for the first vessel upgrade, and was completed on time.

Upgrading the second vessel using lessons learnt was completed a few weeks later and ahead of schedule in just 16 days. The customer was able to deploy the vessels earlier than planned.