We bring the blade repairing to you [image] Propeller Reblading - Containerised workshop

Our trained Rolls-Royce technicians will go through a series of steps to deliver fully refurbished blades:

  1. Download the original CAD blade drawings
  2. Complete a 3D measurement of the damage blade
  3. Analyze and compare the measured blade to the original blade drawings
  4. Restore the blade to original state by using the equipment to bend, weld, grind and/or polish
  5. Balance the blade to align efficiency with the rest of the blade units

As the exact same blade repair equipment can be found in our workshops together with the trained engineers on site, you can trust Rolls-Royce to deliver the best quality at each repair.

  • Modem and laptop – Given an internet connection, our laptop and modem can connect to our internal servers to retrieve the original drawings of your blade.
  • Faro Arm – A 7 axis measuring arm is equipped with a laser scanner and measuring probes. Both are used for 3D measuring of the blade shape.
  • C-Clamp – It is equipped with a hydraulic press with 200 tonnes of force with the ability to bend misshapen blades. Only trained blade repair specialists are able to work on this piece of equipment.
  • Welding and grinding – Our high performance welding and grinding equipment allow the correction of cracks and fractures of the blade to be repaired by our technicians.
  • Balancing machine – Using three load cells to identify the weight distribution of the blade, our technicians are able to use the balancing machine to locate the centre of gravity for optimum efficiency.
  • Reduced expensive downtime – Our blade repair containers will be en route to your vessel as soon as you know about the damage. This means that as soon as the blade is removed, we can start the blade repair, saving you the shipping time to and from the workshop.

  • Consistent quality and safety – All blade repair container units are equipped with the exact same equipment as found in our workshops, therefore ensuring Rolls-Royce quality and class approved repairs every time.

  • Optimized efficiency – Equipped with a modem into our internal servers, every blade repair container is able to retrieve the original Rolls-Royce drawings of your blade. This means that we can renew your blade to the assembly line standard.

  • Peace of mind – We bring the blade repairing to you, which means that your blade will never have to leave your sight. As a customer, you have full control of the blade repair process as you can see the technicians and blades are alongside the vessel.

A blade repair container near you

As we further develop this service offering, Rolls-Royce will place blade repair containers in strategic hubs around the world to cover all areas of operation.

Taking into account our 31 workshop locations globally, we will ensure that a blade repair presence is never far away from you. Each blade repair container comprises of analyzing, measuring, straightening, welding, grinding and balancing equipment; all we need to do is send a trained Rolls-Royce technician on site to start job.