[image] Learn more about we are using cutting-edge technology to optimise performance Monitoring and assessment of equipment energy efficiency performance

Monitoring and assessment of equipment energy efficiency performance to reduce fuel cost, reduce emissions and improve vessel efficiency.

In response to increased customer focus on energy efficiency and performance, Energy Optimisation Services enable our customers to optimise the energy efficiency performance of a vessel or an entire fleet. EOS aims to improve operational efficiency and energy management through onboard monitoring and display of fuel consumption, emissions and energy flow, in order to identify opportunities for improvement.

EOS forms part of a portfolio of advanced services including MarineCare and Equipment Health Management. By leveraging on our wide product expertise, system integration and vessel knowledge, our aim is to provide industry-leading support and service solutions designed to optimise vessel performance through life.

EOS will enable vessel owners and operators to:

  • Reduce fuel consumption and emissions.
  • Conduct fleet or crew comparisons over time (daily or monthly statistics) and reduce business operating costs, by accessing the EOS web portal.
  • Provide evidence to comply with current and future emissions regulations.
  • Assess and verify efficiency improvement measures through quantification of performance.
  • Consult experienced Rolls-Royce personnel to discuss equipment operation, performance and efficiency upgrades.