Energy storage - ZEBRA batteries

ZEBRA Batteries

ZEBRA battery technology provides new levels of performance, capability, safety and cost-effectiveness and is ideal for surface ships and submersibles submarines applications. Individual battery modules are available in configurations ranging from 24V to 1000V and 2kWh to 50kWh.


For Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) submarines, ZEBRA has many advantages and can deliver double the energy provided by lead acid batteries, dependent on the compartment arrangements. This means sprint speeds could be increased or the additional space used for extra equipment or increasing AIP endurance.

Features and benefits

  • Low through-life costs
  • Designed for long-life and reliability
  • Not affected by external temperature
  • Can be stored fully charged indefinitely
  • Lightweight – 40 per cent of lead acid
  • High energy density
  • High power density
  • Zero maintenance
  • No emissions under any condition

Recently selected to power the Submarine Rescue Vehicle (Part of the submarine rescue system) the additional energy of ZEBRA increases the crafts top speed by 20 per cent and enables it to operate in much stronger currents with almost twice the endurance.

Typical applications

Selected to power the SRV of the NSRS system. The 27 tonne SRV is powered by ZEBRA batteries which increases the crafts top speed by 20 per cent and almost doubles its endurance.



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