Submarine equipment

Rolls-Royce provides a range of equipment specifically for submarines. Dedicated teams deliver the nuclear systems and support for the Royal Navy’s submarine flotilla, while others are developing a growing range of non-nuclear systems and services for international markets.

Flexible CouplingsFlexible coupling

Rolls-Royce provide high-integrity designs for flexible couplings used in high-pressure areas tailor-made for naval applications where noise attenuation and shock resistance are required.

Nuclear plantNuclear plant

The British Naval programme has seen five new core designs pass from concept into manufacture at Rolls-Royce. Three core designs were developed for the basic PWR1 plant with two further designs developed for the larger PWR2 plant.


In developing a world-leading propulsor design for Astute class submarines, Rolls-Royce used considerable technical pull-through from its marine and gas turbine technology to develop the structural design, ILS and safety support.

Turbo GeneratorsTurbo generators

Rolls-Royce turbo-generators efficiently convert steam energy to electricity and have been installed on all UK nuclear submarines and a number of surface ships.

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