Tunnel thrusters

The tunnel thrusters are designed to provide side force to the ship to enhance manoeuvring capability in port or additional station keeping power when dynamic positioning.

Rolls-Royce tunnel thrusters - standard range Tunnel Thruster - Type Standard

The Rolls-Royce range of tunnel thrusters is available with fixed-pitch or controllable-pitch propellers and a power range from 200kW to 3,700kW.

Rolls-Royce tunnel thrusters - super silent rangeTunnel Thruster - Type SuperSilent

The Super Silent tunnel thruster has double walls and a hydraulic power pack to sequre low noise.

Tunnel Thruster PMTunnel Thruster - Permanent Magnet

The Permanent magnet tunnel thruster is the latest tunnel thruster design from Rolls-Royce and has been engineered with reliability and through life costs as the focus.


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