Tunnel thrusters

The Rolls-Royce range of tunnel thrusters are fitted to a wide range of vessels operating in all corners of the world.

[Image top] The tunnel thrusters are available both in CP and FP type. [Image bottom] Super Silent thruster with double mounted tunnel.The tunnel thruster is designed for giving max. side force to the ship in manoeuvring condition. The system normally consists of the thruster unit with tunnel, hydraulic equipment, remote control and electrical drivemotor with starter.

Thrusters are available in both CP and FP versions.

Super Silent type

The Super Silent thruster is designed with double walls in the full tunnel length, and flexible mounted inner tunnel. This concept provides noise reduction up to 10 dB compared to standard designs.

A reduction up to 25 dB can be reached in combination with floating floors and other measures by the shipbuilder.

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