Rotary vane RV/IRV steering gear

Max working torque 604 to 6,000 kNm

Rolls-Royce RV steering gear has a proven service record on all types of vessels. Today’s range is suitable for medium to large ships, including large container vessels and VLCCs. System weight is typically 50-60 per cent that of a comparable ram-type steering gear with a much smaller space requirement.

A dual, submerged pump power packs makes installation easy, as no expansion tank is needed. Installation is further simplified by the integrated storage tank and rudder carrier.

Rotary vane RV/IRV steering gear

The RV and IRV series are suitable for medium-sized to large vessels

The modulated flow control system gives special handling characteristics. In particular, precise rudder positioning is ensured for course keeping, while the full flow ensures maximum vessel manoeuvring capability when needed.

The IRV series meets IMO regulations requiring compliance with the principle of single failure criteria for large tankers of over 100,000dwt. Significant advances in structural strength and performance are provided by the design of the 4-vane steering gear option.

A unitised steering gear concept combines the steering gear actuator, power packs, oil storage tank and actuator foundations on a single, compact skid – a design that cuts labour costs, minimises risks and helps ensure punctual installation.

Rotary vane RV/IRV steering gear – benefit summary

  • Light-weight – typically 50-60 per cent of a RAM-type steering gear
  • High levels of manoeuvring and positioning precision
  • No expansion tank required
  • Integrated oil storage tank
  • 4 vane system satisfies statutory requirements for tankers over 100,000 tonnes dwt
  • Modulated flow control
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