Steering Gear

Rolls-Royce supplies a complete range of steering gear - suitable for all ship sizes and types - and built on a fifty-year pedigree during which more than 25,000 units have been delivered. 

All are designed as complete packages, with power pack, steering control and alarm system.

Actuator type steering gearActuator type steering gear

Rolls-Royce Actuator type of steering gear provides the reliability and redundancy required for many naval applications.

Rotary vane RV/IRV steering gearRotary vane RV/IRV steering gear

Rolls-Royce RV steering gear has a proven service record on all types of vessels. Today’s range is suitable for medium to large ships, including large container vessels and VLCCs.

Rotary vane SR/SV steering gearRotary vane SR/SV steering gear

The compact SR/SV series is designed for small to medium sized ships and comprises eleven models with a working torque from 16kNm to 850kNm.

Rotary vane designs are surprisingly compact with very low noise and vibration levels. Operationally, it is a widely selected system because it ensures a constant torque throughout the steering sequence and gives more flexibility when selecting the design and type of rudder, due to the wide rudder angles of up to 2 x 70° that can be accommodated, a particular advantage when docking.

The compact and simple design reduces weight and ensures quick and straightforward installation of the steering gear. The actuators are mounted directly on the rudderstock, and do not require the use of keys or keyways, facilitating easier assembly and dismantling of the rudderstock.

The rudder torque is transmitted by a hydraulic coupling or by expansion rings (for the smallest machines). The naval range meets the highest standards for shock, noise and vibration.

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