Actuator type steering gear

Actuator type steering gear

Maximum working torque 36 to 448 kNm

Rolls-Royce Actuator type of steering gear provides the reliability and redundancy required for many naval applications by using two actuator systems to provide single rudder operation. With one actuator bypassed, 50 per cent of the torque is still available.

A design feature provides fewer interface surfaces with the ship, as the anchor brackets can be welded directly onto the hull cartridge, making installation less tolerance critical.

A seven-model range is available for torques from 3.5 to 50 tonne/metres.

Actuator type steering gear
Actuator type steering gear


Typical applications

  • Corvettes
  • Frigates
  • Destroyers
  • Helicopter carriers

Units are fitted to the Type 45 destroyers.


Actuator type steering gear – benefit summary

  • Can be configured to meet specific requirements
  • Maximum redundancy for continued safe operation
  • Available with pressure compensated or proportional hydraulics
  • System gives inherent safety and reliability
  • A cost-effective solution

(Type 45 images courtesy BAE Systems)

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