Stabilisation at rest

Stabilisation at rest

Ideal for large yachts where maximum comfort at anchor is required

The Rolls-Royce stabilisation at rest (SAR) system - is a simple modification of the Aquarius retractable stabiliser design. It represents true simplicity in design - to deliver the best in performance, particularly for large yachts.

At the heart of the system is a control system that senses the start of any roll. When the vessel is at rest, the fins are ‘active’ and oscillate at the maximum angle to counteract the wave motion. When the ship is underway, the system returns the fins to their normal degree of movement, using the lift forces generated by the ship’s forward speed to damp roll motion.

The smaller Aquarius 25 (>3.5m²) and the larger Aquarius 50 (>8m²) are available in the stabilisation at rest configuration.


Benefit summary – Stabilisation at Rest system

  • Based on the proven Aquarius design
  • Greater comfort plus improved safety as fins retract
  • Low weight and simple operation
  • Only a single pair required for a 60-90m yacht
  • Quiet, electro-hydraulic actuation
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