Fixed fin modular stabilisers

Fixed fin Modular stabilisers

Fin area 0.8m² - 16.5m²

The Modular range offers a choice of six fin areas, from 0.8m² to 16.5m². These stabilisers have a long naval pedigree, using a simplified design configuration that offers reduced maintenance costs. In operation, the superior hydrodynamic profile of the fin blade remains unbroken, reducing the potential for cavitation.

Benefit summary – Modular range

  • Integral hull closing plate simplifies and speeds up installation
  • Fin size and performance tailored to specific ship designs
  • Low weight, compact design
  • Meets all safety and classification criteria
  • Meets full military standards for noise, shock and vibration levels
Benefit summary – Modular rangeBenefit summary – Modular rangeBenefit summary – Modular range

Modular stabiliser specification

Modular stabiliser specification

Key specification data

Key specification data


  1. Fin aspect ratio and chord can vary between the maximum and minimum ranges indicated for each model.
  2. Weights shown include the hull plates.
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