Retractable Aquarius stabilisers

Retractable Aquarius stabilisers

Fin area 1.82m² - 5.78m²

The Aquarius stabiliser offers a choice of two models, giving a selection of eight fin areas in the range of 1.82m² to 5.78m². It is specially configured for smaller commercial and naval vessels. The fin design is of one-piece construction with a ‘fishtail’ high-lift profile for outstanding performance and reliability. When not in use the, fins retract into small recesses in the hull, flush with the vessels side.

Benefit summary –Aquarius range

  • One-piece, high lift fin for outstanding performance, with minimum drag
  • Fins retract when not required, improving vessel safety when manoeuvring
  • Small hull aperture
  • Compact installation, supplied complete with fin box

Aquarius image

Aquarius specifications

Aquarius specifications

Retractable Aquarius stabilisersRetractable Aquarius stabilisers
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