We manufacture the broadest range stabilisers on the market, suitable for vessels of all sizes, commercial or naval. Customers can select from fixed and retractable fin stabilisers, controlled tank systems and anti heeling systems.

Aquarius retractable stabilisersRetractable Aquarius stabilisers

The Aquarius stabiliser offers a choice of two models, giving a selection of eight fin areas in the range of 1.82m² to 7.48m²

Gemini fixed fin stabilisersFixed fin Gemini stabilisers

Depending on application, the compact and ruggedly designed Gemini range can be supplied with plain or high lift profile fins.

Modular fixed fin stabilisersFixed fin modular stabilisers

The Modular range offers a choice of six fin areas, from 0.85m² to 16.5m². These stabilisers have a long naval pedigree, using a simplified design configuration that offers reduced maintenance costs.

Neptune retractable stabilisersRetractable Neptune stabilisers

The Neptune range of retractable stabilisers is specifically designed for larger ships such as cruise vessels, ferries, container ships and large naval vessels.

Stabilisation at Rest (SAR) systemStabilisation at rest

The Rolls-Royce stabilisation at rest (SAR) system - is a simple modification of the Aquarius retractable stabiliser design. It represents true simplicity in design - to deliver the best in performance, particularly for large yachts.

One or more pairs of stabiliser are normally fitted in the bilge area. The speed of the vessel and the angle of the fin in the water determine the amount of upward or downward lift generated, which stabilises the vessel.

The system senses the degree of ship movement and constantly signals to the fins to change angle and sustain the vessel on an even keel. As a result, roll reduction can typically be reduced by 80-90 per cent.

A recent Rolls-Royce introduction to the market is the ‘Stabilisation-at-rest’ system for large yachts that uses retractable fins – a world first.

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