We have over 20 years experience in rudder design and cavitation prediction, and have developed advanced computer programmes to simulate manoeuvres to evaluate different rudder sizes and types to optimise the rudder design for each vessel…

Conventional spade ruddersConventional spade rudders

This range of Rolls-Royce rudders are built as full spade rudders with three different standard profiles.

Flap ruddersFlap rudders

The performance of a flap rudder is determined both by the flap, the link mechanism and the profile, as well as the hull and the propeller.

Good rudder design is often governed by the requirement for good manoeuvrability at low speeds, as well as the delivery of optimum performance at medium and high speed. It is a compromise. To meet these needs, we offer a range of rudders – both with and without flap.

"Rudder Periodic Table" in principle

The rudder design is also important for overall propulsive efficiency. It is a compromise: if a rudder is optimised for propulsive efficiency, you will loose manoeuvrability (especially at low speed) and vice versa. This is why a good understanding of shipowners' requirements is vital when designing rudders.

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