Flap rudders

Flap rudders

Types FB, FM and FS

The performance of a flap rudder is determined both by the flap, the link mechanism and the profile, as well as the hull and the propeller. Rolls-Royce has therefore designed a range of flap rudders suitable for different types of vessels and functions, to ensure customers can select the rudder best suited to their vessels’ operating requirements, including speed.

FS Type

Flap rudders - FS Type

FS Profile

FB/FM Type

Flap rudders - FB/FM Type

FB profile – FM Profile

Type FB: for low to medium speeds

This rudder has a bulbous profile for maximum manoeuvring performance. The design also has large upper and lower vane plates. It is ideal for use on workboats, fishing vessels, offshore vessels, small tankers, cargo vessels, ferries and other coastal vessels.

Type FM: for medium speeds

Designed with a moderate profile for improved manoeuvrability, it is suited to vessels up to 20,000dwt.

Type FS: for medium to high speeds

Has a slim profile that is purpose-designed to suit the vessel. The rudder is built around a cast cone module and has a robust link mechanism and hinge system to withstand the high forces. Used typically for Ro-Ro, Ro-Pax, passenger and cruise vessels and tankers, it is also an ideal all-round flap rudder suitable for a wide range of vessel types up to approximately 50,000dwt.

Flap rudders - Rudder lift curve

Rudder lift curve

Available options

  • Trunk module with steering gear foundation
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Special bearings/liners
  • Heel connection module

Flap rudders – benefit summary

  • Designed to minimise installation times
  • Suits all types of steering gear
  • Custom-built to fit the hull for vessels up to 50,000dwt
  • Fully proven, high reliability



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