Stabilisation & manoeuvring systems

Rolls-Royce supplies a complete range of manoeuvring and stabilisation products and systems for virtually any sized vessel. Our products are a result of our experience in ship technology and are developed in close co-operation with our customers.

Flap ruddersRudders

We have over 20 years of experience in rudder design and cavitation prediction.

Neptune retractable stabilisersStabilisers

We manufacture the broadest range stabilisers, suitable for vessels of all sizes, commercial or naval.

Rolls-Royce steering gearSteering Gear

Rolls-Royce supplies a complete range of steering gear - suitable for all ship sizes and types.

Rolls-Royce tunnel thrusters - standard range Tunnel thrusters

The Rolls-Royce range of tunnel thrusters is available with fixed-pitch or controllable-pitch propellers and a power range from 200kW to 3,700kW.


Promas is an integrated propeller rudder system that offers increased propulsive efficiency without any loss in manoeuvrability. The propeller and the rudder are considered as one propulsion unit and are designed together for optimum propulsive efficiency.

Our expertise comes from the development of fin and passive tank stabilisation systems over many years, plus the vast experience gained in supplying thousands of steering gears.

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